Trigger Notes: Simple Reminders

17 Mar, 2010 || by

To start your day off on the right track, try the “Trigger Note” technique. Find a spot somewhere in your morning routine that you know you’ll see every day. Mirrors tend to be a great spot (the bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, even the car rear-view mirror works well), but almost any place where you know you’ll be looking works.  In these spots, place Trigger Notes with brief messages, such as “Stay Focused Today,” “Drink Enough Water,” “Be Your Best,” etc.  I write my notes on Post-Its, but any type of paper will do.

“Triggers” don’t necessarily have to be notes, either. They can be any small objects which remind you of your inner process. For example, pictures of loved ones or special places, souvenirs, or keepsakes work quite well. I keep a colorful refrigerator magnet on my desk from a vacation my family took to St. John that says, “Keep Left”– a fond reminder of the zany adventures we shared scooting around the island in a jeep, having to be constantly aware that cars on this island drove on the left-hand side of the road, opposite from the right side we drive on in the USA.

Trigger Notes are a great way to both start you off on the right track, as well as get you BACK on track if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are most effective in helping us stay on track.

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