Escape The Grip Of Worry

It’s not uncommon to experience a number of difficult situations everyday…little aches and pains, slights made to you by others, mistakes you make (and get called on), upsetting news, etc.  It’s also not uncommon to become lost in some of these problems, giving them so much power over you that it’s almost as if they qualify for the headline spot in your personal daily news!  The trick is not to let this happen;  to learn how to maintain a balance or equilibrium in the face of these inevitable setbacks, and relegate them to a back page section of the news.

So how do you do this? How do you learn to let go of these little-matters-turned-into-big-matters? When something happens, learn first to just go with the uncomfortable feeling…let yourself feel the disappointment, the aches and pains, the worry.  But don’t let it get a toe-hold.  Don’t rationalize it.  Don’t make light of it.  Instead, just experience and feel it for what it is; otherwise, it will take root and fester deeply inside.  Then, after you’ve had a good pity party, back off and look at the experience or problem in a new light.  Develop a new perspective.

To do this, step back and look at the big picture.  Then find a phrase that brings you back to yourself, a thought that puts things back in perspective, back into focus.  I like to remind myself that I have a home, a warm bed, food, a family, a job…and the rest is gravy.  Then, write that phrase down and put it up someplace where it will be available to you when you need another reminder (and you will).

The more we learn to accept our inner world…with all of its tendency to catastrophize the uncomfortable experiences in our lives, the more we can come back to center and learn to live more happily in the present moment.  Remember, it all matters, but it doesn’t have to be so serious.

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